Slave Reviews 2


I expected somebody strict from seeing her photos, but she was very friendly and outgoing when I met her in person at her Westside place. And, she is much better looking in person than the photos. Anyway, once the session started, she quickly changed the pace and became the mistress than I was begging to serve! I wanted to try a stap-on session for a long time.Lisa took me to a back room with massage table and air conditioner, which we was a hot day. She had me strip and started a massage, all the while asking me various questions, and letting me tell her about my fantasy of serving a mistress with a big, black cock. Before long, I was on my knees in front of Lisa, kissing her toes, slowly working my way up her legs. I stared up at her beautiful eyes as I sucked, kissed and licked her black strap on cock. She sweetly told me what a slut I was as she fucked my mouth. The next step was me with my ass in the air, watching Lisa fuck me from behind in the mirror. It was too hot. I did not think I would be able to handle that cock, but my ass soon adjusted and I was pushing up and down on that stiff shaft. The finale was me on my back, and Lisa slid up close to me, fucking my ass while I jacked off. While Lisa is a domina, and there is no sex actual sex involved with her (touching pussy, etc.) it still felt very intimate. I really felt like her special fuck-toy. After I came all over myself, she made certain to give me a full hour of service, with a wonderful massage.


Believing that things & people come to you when you're ready for them I first saw Mistress Lisa's profile appear in TER's new review section right after I had a great experience with another provider that really opened me up. So after reading all of Lisa's reviews, I decided to explore a little of the other side of my sexual psyche. Lisa is another African American provider for me, & as perfectly proportioned as any I've seen. She stands about 5'4", 125lbs or so which is just about perfect. She has a cute, sexy face w/a sly smile. Her ass is firm, round & inviting but her breasts are her best feature; full 36 Ds w/gorgeous dark brown nipples that ride high on her chest. I really wanted to sample some of that flesh but I was seeing her for a different reason &, according to her website, all of that is off limits anyway. This was part of her program; you want what you can't have. I called her for a 30min same day appointment & she answered right away. She has a house in W.L.A. that she uses for the encounters & it's the perfect setting. I highly recommend Mistress Lisa for non-VIPers who are into a dominant woman. She knows what she's doing and does it well.

Lisa opened the door & ushered me in to the living room, TV quietly playing off in the corner. She led me to the "playroom" at the rear of the house & I put down my things & hung my coat on the door. We started with some small talk & I asked if she had read the long email I had sent her describing my fantasy. She said yes & was dressed to prove it; a long black coat with knee high boots & nothing else. The fantasy I had shared w/her was in two parts, the first half to happen today. She asked that I get undressed & this I did quickly, eager to get started. In the center of the room, just in front of two large sliding door mirrors was a sawhorse-like bench w/a center rail covered with a towel & two lower rails along the sides for leg support. At the top was a massage table-like support for the head. The lower rails had straps at the top & bottom of their length & the top rail had a strap in the middle. I laid belly down on the center rail of the bench & was strapped in, hands stretched & strapped at the front & legs secured at the back as they were supported by the lower rails. There was no discomfort but I could not move. My ass was exposed doggie style at the rear of the bench w/my legs spread.

When Mistress Lisa could see I was ready she pulled back the coat she was wearing to reveal those ripe tits &, down below, a long black strap-on dildo that she thrust forward & told me to suck. It was thin & about seven inches long. She grabbed my head & I started sucking it as if it were real, repeating a lot of what I had experienced from other providers who had sucked me off. When she could see I was ready she walked around behind me & told me to slide my ass back for her. I turned my head from the massage pillow support & looked in the mirrors to see the action. She lubed up the dildo & her gloved finger. She inserted one, then two fingers & worked me loose. Then she took the dildo & eased it in. She slapped my ass lightly & I said don't hold back so she really got into it, the sound echoing through the room. She alternated fast & slow w/the dildo, grabbing my ass & fucking me hard then easing off. I was really getting into it in a way I didn't think I would. She then stopped & walked over to a drawer & pulled out a thicker dildo. We repeated the sucking scene & then she started to fuck my ass as before only this time really pounding it, slapping her pelvis against me repeatedly. When I looked in the mirror, my body was being jolted back & forth w/the straps holding me in place as I gripped the legs of the bench. When she stopped, I asked to be unbound & allowed to go to the bathroom because I thought I was going to piss. It turned out I didn't though & when I came back she was waiting w/a fat eight inch life-like dildo. She told me to get on my knees & suck & I did, but this time in front of the mirror. When we stopped, she had me lay out on the floor &, after trying to insert the big boy into my ass & failing, she chained my wrists to two posts behind me, my arms outstretched over my head. She then lubed up her one gloved hand, shoved a finger up my rectum, took firm hold of my cock with the other & fisted me while massaging my prostate. After a minute or two of this I blew up all over my stomach & her hand, the volume of cum running like a river. I was spent. All in all it was quite a journey, taking me to the flip side of my sexual libido. Lisa was a great guide, letting her S&M persona go as soon as it was over and returning to the more playful one I met when I arrived. At times I got into it & other times it was like an out of body experience or an actor playing a role.


I wanted to do a follow up to my original review of Lisa, which I submitted last year. I have seen Lisa several times since then, probably averaging once a month. After a lot of talk and fantasizing, I had Lisa line up a special session for me that would have to rate as a true, once-in-a-lifetime experience. This grew out of sessions where Lisa had me talking about some of my darkest fantasies, and after six months of talking about, it was time for some real action!

I contacted Lisa late one afternoon and told her I was ready to take our session play to the next level. Of course, I had Lisa's black dildoe in my mouth many times, but now I was ready to do the real thing. Lisa emailed back that she had lined things up for the next morning, and instructed me to be prompt! I arrived at her place just before 8:00 am. I got a warm hug and hello from Lisa when she opened the door. You need to met her to see how friendly and likeable she can be. Most importantly, she comes across as very casual and nonjudgmental. But she knows how to push your buttons, which I think is very important in her line of work. Anyway, Lisa had me strip, and as she always does, started off with a nice relaxing massage, occasionally running her fingers near the crack of my ass. I already had a raging hard-on, and Lisa continued to tease me, getting me up on my knees, bending me forward, so she could stroke my cock and ass, while telling me how much she wanted to see me with a cock in my mouth. After about twenty minutes of this, I was ready to do anything Lisa wanted; I was begging her to use me as her fuck toy. Suddenly I heard the doorbell ring and Lisa told me it wouldn't be long now. She briefly exited the room, let in the new guest, and returned to me, and had me put a hood over my head. I was laying down on the massage table when a similarly hooded man walked in, and sat down on the chair in front of me. Lisa began explaining that I was her slut and that she wanted to watch me put a cock in my mouth and suck a guy off. The hooded guy then unbuckled his pants, and Lisa ordered me to kneel down in front of him and suck his cock. I obediently followed her orders and knelt down in front of this stranger and followed Lisa's commands to suck his cock. The strangers cock was not hard at first, and I was nervous about getting this guy turned on, but I rolled my tongue across the head of his cock, and fucked his cock with my mouth like a high school cheerleader blowing the captain of the football team. Once his cock was hard, I alternated sucking with stroking his cock with my hand. Lisa was cheering me on the whole time. Once she saw I had a rhythm going with my mouth, I could feeling the tip of her strap-on against my ass. Before I know what was happening, Lisa was fucking me with her strap-on while I stroked and sucked this strangers cock. Soon the guy announced he was ready to cum, but I didn't want his cum in my mouth, so Lisa had me lay down again on the massage table while this guy jacked himself off, spraying cum all over my chest. I reacted by rubbing his hot cum all over me, and Lisa told me what a good slut I was, sucking his cock and rubbing his cum into my skin. Lisa said she would be back with a special treat for me, and told me not to touch my own cock yet. Apparently Lisa let her this guy out the front door, then came back to me, telling me that I had done such a great job sucking cock, that she had a special reward for me. I had been laying there with my eyes closed, but I opened them when Lisa climbed on top of me. She told me she wanted me to stroke and make myself cum all over my chest. Then Lisa removed her panties, and told me to open my mouth wide, so she could piss in my mouth while I jacked off. Seriously, I could not fucking believe it. There I was, covered with some guys cum, the taste of his cock still in my mouth, my ass still loose from the butt-fucking she gave me, stroking my cock hard, unable to say anything as I watched Lisa's piss rain down on me. After the first few drops touched my lips, I felt myself go far over the edge, and I started to spray cum everywhere!. Lisa was relentless, telling me to swallow her piss, and to taste every drop. A bit later I recovered, and noticed I was laying on a massage table, covered in cum, the hot, salty taste of piss in my mouth. There was no doubt that I was Lisa's degraded fuck slut now. I got cleaned up in a very nice, clean and tidy bathroom, then gave Lisa a goodbye hug, and returned home, not sure of what was going on the rest of the day! What a great session!


Mistress Lisa is smoking hot. She has a very sexy voice and vibe. She has her own private place, 2 calls easy to set up a same day appoitment. She is very experienced. My session with her went great. Mistress Lisa enjoys tortuous CBT with heavy teasing and denial, I was begging. She excels at cock whipping and she put on many clothes pin clustered on my balls. She whipped my ass with many paddle's and slapper's till I was very red, then she went to work on my ass, heavy strapon fucking and she changed to whipping my tied up cock and balls. After this she allowed me to worship her ass. The session ended that way, me worshiping her perfect ass while she worked her dildo in my ass which led to a gigantic explosion. highly recommended!


I was looking for a foot fetish session with humiliation and found Lisa on Eros. She is just as stunning in person as in her pictures. Friendly personality yet very much in control! She made me feel comfortable from start to finish. Great service in a clean, convenient location with easy parking. I love a woman with great pair of legs and feet and Mistress Lisa cetainly fits the bill. She first had me undress and kneel down and kiss her feet. I was dying to taste them and lick them clean but I would have to wait before given that privilege. She taunted and teased me with those legs and feet before finally forcing one foot down my throat, telling me to lick off every drop of sweat which I happily did before doing the same to the second one. I then got strict, detailed directions on how to massage, lick and suck her feet. Being at the foot of this gorgeous woman was heaven. She then counted down from 20 telling me that I better come at 1! I will be visiting again but I will try a golden shower next time as I heard that she is an expert at this.


I was looking for an SM session around humiliation and toilet training - something I had never done. Saw her ad on Eros, and she looks exactly like her pictures - beautiful. No real dungeon, and her toiletbox is home-made, but she deliverd exactly as promised and was very friendly before and after. First we spoke about what I wanted from the scene, and she asked excellent questions (example: I told her I was into humiliation, and she asked about spitting). She had me strip, and then had me lick the bottoms of her shoes and suck on the heels. After a while she stood up and allowed me to sniff her asshole deeply, sitting on my face several times while I was kneeling. After a bit of nipple play she layed me on my back and smothered me in her ass (which is a bit small for it - I tend to prefer BBW). After she did this long enough to have me gasping, she got out the toilet box, which was a bit of a home-made kluge, but still quite functional. It's a lucite box on a uni-strut frame with a toilet seat on the top, and the front locks in place leaving room for the neck, but a space too small to get your head out of. Before she put me in it, she had me take 4 dark chocolate chips and one by one shove them deep up her ass with my finger, which felt wonderful. She then put me in the box and sat on the toilet seat, where she pissed small amounts right into my mouth (excellent control) and had me swallow mouthful by mouthful. She had me hold a glass and pissed it all the way full, which she then set aside and we never ended up doing anything with it, but while I got to hold the glass as she filled it, a bunch splashed on my chest, which was hot. She sat back down on the seat and moved so that her asshole was right over my mouth, and with one good push shat the chocolate all the way into my mouth, which I dutifully swallowed. She then shat again, this time actual shit, a small hard piece which landed right in my mouth. She made me roll around a few times until a tiny piece broks off of it. She took the big piece out of my mouth with a gloved hand, and made me chew and swallow the broken-off piece. She shat again, a bigger piece, which she took out of my mouth and had me suck on, all the while taunting me. She finished by shitting on my chest. After sitting back on the seat and letting me smell her, she had me start stroking my rock-hard cock. She stood up and straddled me, and pissed all over my body while I jacked off, and I came buckets. She cleaned me up afterwards and let me use her shower. She's a very friendly and beautiful woman with a charming Jamaican accent. I'm guessing her other BDSM scenes would be just as excellent.


M. Lisa is a very secure, direct, intelligent woman who does a nice job of finding out your interests and limits before the session really starts. I went for her great massage and ended up with a bit more! Undressed and on her table, I was quizzed about my interests while her stong hands worked over my body. I wanted a dominant massage, which ended up including handcuffs, prostate stimulation, powerful ass spanking and a nice release. She stepped it up in stages, making sure I was comfortable with each point. Very sexy, funny and confident in her work. What more can you ask for? I'd return just to see her in her different outfits!


Got hold of her right away and made same day appointment. Went to her place in LA which was clean and private. She's quite good looking and matches her photos. She asked me what I was looking for in the session. Told her it was my first time with S&M and was not into heavy bondage, but was looking forward to her fucking me with her strap-on. Started with some light body worshipping, basically her great ass, and did some light spanking. Pretty good, but it was leading up to the strap. And boy, she knows how to strap. Takes out about a 9 good size cock, put its on and makes me suck it real good. She then takes and dildo, lubes it and preps my hole. Then she slowly starts to take me. I was not sure I could take much, but slowly she had it all the was in and fucking me real good. Wow it felt good. She had mentioned her big cock which she said intimated most men, and feeling adventurous, I asked her to use it. It was painful, but no pain no gain. She got in good and worked me in mish. Then went doggie, went to 9, which now easily went in and pounded me like her bitch until I came. Guys she has a great personality and definitely thumbs up!


She lives in a nice place, answers the phone and is very pleasant. Two call system, you drive up and she lets you in dressed in tight latex outfit . ..To the back where she had me undress, slapped my cock around and talked dirty to me. She tied me up, slapped my cock somemore, spanked my ass with a whip, clipped my nipples and just kept teasing. Then, it was time to take it like a man. Let me tell you this chick knows how to use a strap-on. If that is your thing, then you must go to this woman. Wow. is all I have to say. I will go back.


Her pictures seemed mysterious to me. I suspected she woud be the kind of girl that looks less good then her pictures but I also suspected that I would like the way she looks. When the pictures are partially hidden it might often be the case. When she opened the door I was shocked. She is astonishing. I rated 9 and not 10 only becouase she is not tall enough to be a 10. She has beautiful face, perfect body and she looks like a cat ready for a fight. She asked me my interests again and after some clarification we went into business. This girl is dangerous. She tortures my nipples and forced me on my back, she put clamps on and continue to torture them. I could not take it anymore so she sat in my face and smothered me. I begged for air so she warned me to be quiet and let me sneak some air. I was deep stuck in her ass and was totally at her mercy. I could not breathe and my nipples were sore. She offered me to get rid of the clamps, I was happy to agree until I saw she was going to use her single tail to do it. It hurt very much. The she said I earned the right to worship her ass. I dont remmeber when lately I was as horny. All in all she is a star.


I called Mistress Lisa for an appointment and she answered the phone. We discussed my interests and made we arrangements to meet later that day. When I got to her house she answered door wearing a tight vinyl mini dress. She let me in and led me to her chamber... Once in she had me undress and show her the toys I had brought with me. I'm really into cross dressing and strap-on play and she has been described as great. She had me put on the lingerie I brought and told me to play with my man-pussy. Which I did gladly. She then put on an awesome strap-on and had me suck her. After a few minutes of that the door bell rang and she said that she needed to meet a friend for a few seconds. She asked if he could enter and watch her having her way with me! OK, sure. When she came back she had a guy with her. She started back with me sucking the hot black dildo strap-on she was wearing. Then she had me lay down on my back and began fucking me with the strap-on... hot looking at her fucking me while in the background some guy was waxing his pole. I came quicker than I was supposed to so Mistress Lisa worked me for several more ruff minutes as punishment. This was a hot experience, I'll be back... probably today.


Mistress Lisa is carribean beauty with firm body and great ass. She is incredibly hot and sexy. She picks the phone and tells you where to come. Now she has private discrete house in West LA. I came to her house, she opened the door and let me in. She already had big black strapon. I got really horny and started sucking her dick. She really enjoys that and makes you feel like real slut. After sucking for a while in front of a big mirror, she had me bend over doggy stly and started slowly to insert the dick in my pussy-like ass. It was amazing! She is so good! When I was comfortable with the dick in my ass, she started fucking me fast and strong, really pounding my ass. She fucked me in different positons: I sat on the dick, she fucked me while I was standing, and the end she lift my legs above my head. She wanted me to come on my face. She intensified the fucking and soon I came on my face and in my mouth. She put the dick in my mouth and I felt like a real whore! It was an amazing strapon experience!!


It was fairly easy to set up an appointment with mistress Lisa. I told her I wanted to dress up like a naughty girl and she seemed very interested. I met her later on that afternoon and had a very good time. I really wanted to see those tits and mistress's ass but it would have to wait. She had me strip in front of her ( per my request) and humiliated me by commenting on my cock and having me turn around and spread my ass open for her inspection. Then I dressed up for her in my schoolgirl clothes which she seemed to really enjoy. She disappeard for a bit and returned wearing dom type attire which exposed her breasts a bit. I was really turned on and then it was time for toilet training. This was a little different than normal, though. I was forced onto my hands and knees in front of mistress and she placed a plate between my legs. She ordered me to spread my ass cheeks apart and shit on the plate. When I realeased a big load she commented on it then ordered me to lick the pile of shit. She is awsome.


I had seen sveral local doms and wanted to push the envelope. Mistress Lisa's website advertised forced toilet service and I was intrigued. Although her pictures looked a little scary, she seemed very nice and eager while speaking to her on the phone so I decided to see her. She was absolutely beautiful, much better looking than her photos, and I just wanted to follow her well built ass while on my hands and knees. After a discussion during which she was very sweet and supportive, she commanded me to strip and bind myself with a thigh to wrist restraint. She then proceeded to tell me that I going to be her dog and would be trained to live on a diet of her piss and shit. She said I needed 200 lashes and proceeded to administer them with several instruments. I cried and pleaded but she was relentless, slapping me for whining and spitting into my open mouth. She then put on her strap on and forced me to suck it, deepthroating me until I gagged. Then she spread my ass with a plug in which she could blow up, to get me ready for the strap-on. She ravished me until I cried for her to stop and finished off by making me swallow her piss as I lie on my back staring at her beautiful pussy. My ass was black and blue for 2 weeks, but I plan to return for more.


We talked about the wants during the session, and met her at 8:00 pm on a friday night for a full toilet training session. She is a very attractive and sweeeet laady. Then session statred and things changed. I was her doggie.. bad dogggie and she made me fetch a bone for a while then I sucked and licked her feet for a while with heels on ..with panty hose and bare feet. Then she sat on my face and I was hard.. YUMM. She rode my face for a while then prepped the envionment for I told her I was good and capable of taking it alllll. so no bathtub BS :)) First she made me drink her sweet nectar. Then she aske m e if I was ready and willing or if I had changed my mind... hmmm for a split sec.. then she said come on I held it for you.. then I was HARRRD and said .. please Mistresss YESS. As she sht on my face, neck and I released... wow ;)). I showered.. fell in love and left will be back.