Toilet Slave For Life Part 4

All the colony's Mistresses gathered in the sacrifice room where a slave was to be abused for the last time. The slave, Steve, was an extreme masochist. He knew when he surrendered to the Goddess Lisa that his life would be a short one, his pain great, his sacrifice a definite with no options. Slave Bob was allowed to watch as he was was property and personal toilet to the Goddess Lisa, the highest and most noble of the Mistresses at the colony. Slave Bob had to be available at all times in case Goddess Lisa needed to spit, shit, or piss.

Slave Steve was in the center of the room kneeling, his head bowed, his hands tied behind his back and strapped tightly to a pole behind him. The Goddess Lisa approached him. "Slave Steve, this is your greatest moment. You will be sacrificed for the good of my personal entertainment and the entertainment of the wonderful Goddesses that have gathered here. I will torture you to death and laugh as i do so. I will submit your body to intractable pain. You will now declare me as your Great Black Goddess, superior to all others. You will declare yourself my property and confess your worthlessness to me. Do it now." Steve was frightened but somehow calm. He had prepared for this moment. He knew his fate. This was his dream for years while working as a software engineer for a large hi-tech company. He stammered, "You, Goddess Lisa, the great Black Goddess, are above all other humans and all other life forms. I bow before you in utter submission and surrender to your superiority. I happily suffer at your feet for your pleasure and give my very life so that you may entertain your guests. I long to suffer impossible pain, die a thousand deaths, for your pleasure. You are superior to all people and all things. you are my God. " Goddess Lisa replied, "Very good slave, very good." Goddess Lisa bent over and softly kissed Slave Steve on the cheek. She stroked his face softly and whispered, "We will begin now, Slave Steve. Be strong. This torment will be for my pleasure, always remember that." Steve replied, "Yes my Goddess, thank you. I am ready now." SLAP, SLAP, twice across Steves' face. Goddess Lisa then strutted back and forth, looking at her victim. She picked up a large bull-whip that was laying on the floor and snapped it. The other Mistresses in the room cheered and yelled, "we want blood, we want blood". Slave Bob knelt nearby shaking, terrified by the spectacle. Goddess Lisa then raised her whip and beat Slave Steve across his body, legs, arms repeatedly as Steve screamed out in pain. The more Steve screamed, the louder were the chants for his torture. "Harder, beat him harder." the other Mistresses yelled out. Goddess Lisa smiled each time she thrashed Steve with the heavy, leather whip. Goddess Lisa stopped suddenly and commanded Slave Steve, "I want to hear a thank you Goddess Lisa for beating me to death, then i want to hear you beg for more." Slave Steve, bleeding from head to toe, was barely able to speak, but he uttered, "Thank you Goddess Lisa for beating me, thank you, oh please conitnue, I am alive and will die for your pleasure only." Goddess Lisa stepped closer to steve and again kissed his cheek, stroked his forhead. She gave him a sip of water. "There, there, Slave Steve, the worse is yet to come, suffer for me slave steve, suffer greatly. I am the Goddess of all life, you are a privileged slave that may actually suffer in my presence, this is a great honor for you." Again Goddess Lisa kissed slave steve on the cheek and then stepped back. "Hand me my sword," demanded Goddess Lisa of one of the lower level Mistresses. She obeyed and handed Goddess Lisa her sword. Steve knew what was coming, he could only look, his voice was gone. The pain was excruciating. "Hmmm, I'm not ready to finish you yet Slave Steve. You must suffer additionally for me. With that Goddess Lisa took a pair of hedge trimmers and cut off Steve's cock and his balls. Steve tried to scream but nothing came out. Goddess Lisa then took a screwdriver and stabbed Steve in the face repeatedly. "You must scream Slave Steve if you want this to end, I must hear you suffer for me. " Slave Steve tried to scream but nothing would come out. He tried desperately again and again. Goddess Lisa then took a bottle of acid and poured it on his face. As his skin melted, he was able to utter a last sound, a final scream. The other Goddesses cheered and applauded. Goddess Lisa then spit on Slave Steve, picked up the sword, and removed his head. The other Mistresses gave Goddess Lisa a standing ovation.

Goddess Lisa then spoke spoke. "Slave Bob, I always have to shit after sacrificing a slave. Let's show the girls what a good toilet you are and lie down right where you are. Do not make a mess or you wlll suffer horribly. Slave Bob, still shaking from the spectacle he had just witnessed, dropped to the floor and turned over on his back. The other Mistresses gathered around. Goddess Lisa removed her panties and squatted over her slave's face. She looked down at Slave Bob. "You are so obedient, such a wonderful toilet. You are very lucky to have me as your Goddess. " Slave Bob replied, "Yes, oh yes, you are the most wonderful and generous Goddess in all the world. I look forward to an eternity of serving you, may i always be your toilet for ever. With that, Goddess Lisa made a slight sound and then started emptying her royal waste into Slave Bob's open mouth. Bob chewed and swallowed fast. He knew that punishment would be swift if he allowed anythng to hit the floor. After Goddess Lisa finished shitting in her slave's mouth, she proceeded to piss into his mouth. Bob slurped and drank every drop. Goddess Lisa looked down and said, "That was very good slave, very good. You are a fine little white toilet, my white toilet, and you will serve superior black ass for all time, isn't that right?" "Yes Goddess Lisa, i am an inferior white toilet, born on this earth only to provide waste service to you, a superior black Goddess. Thank you for the wonderful privilege. Your shit is delicious, it is all I think about and all I crave. " Goddess Lisa stroked the face of her slave. Hmmm, wonder what we shall do to entertain the ladies now? " Bob was left lying on the floor. the Mistresses gathered around the bar and were served drinks by their female slaves. They laughed and chatted, discussing what horrors they could come up with next.

Slave Bob work up from a night's sleep, strapped to the bathroom floor, his head under a specially adapted toilet seat, his face upward so that any waste or liquid would fall into his mouth. The toilet seat opening was actually the top of a funnel that led directly to Slave Bob's mouth. He would have no choice but to consume the divine shit and piss from his glorious, superior, black Mistress, the divine Goddess Lisa. His life was mostly routine. Goddess Lisa would come into the bathroom in the morning to pee before having breakfast. Slave Bob would awaken quickly in order to consume Lisa's piss. He was usually very thirsty in the morning as he was only occasionally given regular water to drink. He would consume Lisa's piss with enthusiasm, always thanking her aftewards. Goddess Lisa would then wash up a bit and leave for breakfast. Usually within an hour she would return, feeling the urge to defacate. "Oh Slave Bob, I have a treat for you this morning, try to guess what i had for dinner last night." Bob would obediently reply, "good morning Goddess, I am so happy to see you, to hear your voice, to be here as your white slave toilet prepared to devour your divine black shit. I bow to you and pray to you. I am so anxious to taste your shit this morning. "Good slave, you are such a good toilet, possibly my best. My others displeased me and had to be sacrificed. You have lasted longer than any of them. Of course some day i will get bored with you and sacrifice you anyway, just for the fun of it, but it will be a privilege to be tortured and suffocated at my feet, won't it?" Slave Bob replied, "yes my Goddess, I am here only at your pleasure. when you no longer require me, my life has no purpose or meaning. It will be a privilege to continue to serve as your toilet, and an honor to die for your pleasure as well." "Well slave, I have to shit BIG TIME this morning. I hope you have a good appetite." "Yes my Goddess, for your shit, I am always hungry and willing. I beg of you to use me. My mouth is open, at your service."

With that, Lisa sat on the toilet, released some gas, and then commenced to shit into Slave Bob's mouth. "Oooooh, that feels so good, oooooh my I have so much shit in me, ate so much yesterday. Now you, my slave, will enjoy the fine meals I had yesterday. Eat my slave, eat all of my delicious shit. Gobble, gobble, eat it up slave, mmmmm, here's some more. Oh my, I surprised myself how much I have. Eat slave, eat all of my shit. " Bob struggled to keep up. If he failed, the shit would collect over his mouth and nose, suffocating him. He ate vigorously. Finally, Mistress Lisa finished. "Slave Bob, did you enjoy your breakfast?" "Yes my superior Goddess, I did enjoy my breakfast. Your shit was delicious, wonderful, as it always is. " "Good slave, I will give you a little treat. First I will flush your face with some listerine, you will have to drink it. Then I will permit you to lick my asshole clean. Isn't that a treat slave?" "Oh yes, my Goddess, yes, I would love that. Thank you!" Lisa then poured listerine down the funnel onto slave Bob's face and mouth. After he was clean, she pulled Bob out from under the toilet. He was on a sort of rail system that allowed her to move him easily. Once out, she sat down over his face and ordered him to start cleaning. "Lick my asshole slave. Give me a nice tongue massage. Mmmmmm, that's it, very good, lick my ass nice and clean. "

After slave bob finished and recited a prayer of thanks to his Goddess, mistress Lisa continued, "I have another treat for you slave, you lucky toilet you. I am in such a good mood this morning. I have a bit of an allergy this morning. My nose is full of snot. Open your mouth slave, I am going to allow you the privilege of eating all of my snot. " Slave Bob, very excited, he loved this so much, opened his mouth. Lisa then blew her nose directly into slave Bob's mouth. "Eat my snot slave, eat all of it. Savor it, let it slide on your tongue. Here, here's a booger, eat it slave. " Slave Bob obeyed and consumed all that Goddess Lisa offered. Bob was now content. He was servicing the most superior human in the universe, a woman he hoped he would serve in eternity, as her toilet. "Well slave Bob, we are going to have another party tomorrow. I have a bad slave that has not worked out well here. He wants to be freed, doesn't want to be our slave anymore. He was a pain slave, we enjoyed cutting him and pouring salt into his wounds just to hear him scream. But he is resisting, yelling at us, even cursing!! So we will now sacrifice him. He will be required to service over 10 Mistresses as a toilet. He is not into being a toilet like you are, but he will soon find out what it is like to be one. We will be strapping him down to the floor and a funnel placed over his face just as you have all day long. You love it, but he will hate it. All ten Mistresses will coordinate their eating so that they all have to shit at the same time. We will then have some fun with our difficult pain slut. You will be permitted to watch, after all, that is what will happen to you when you are no longer interesting to me. Would you like that slave?" "Yes my Goddess, i will enjoy watching. I enjoy whatever you tell me to enjoy, I have no desire that is not your desire. I am yours totally and completely." "Oh my slave, you are such a good servant. now bow down and kiss my beautiful black feet and remind me of what you are." Slave Bob bent over and kissed Goddess Lisa's feet. "You are my beautiful, superior, black Goddess. You own me completely. I am but an inferior white slave boy to service your needs, entertain you, live and finally die for you. I am nothing." "Very good slave, very good."

The next day Bob awakened but was spared the usual toilet servitude as Goddess Lisa was saving it for her sacrifice party being held that morning. "Come slave Bob, enjoy the show." Slave Bob crawled behind his Goddess and sat in his designated place. The difficult slave who was to be sacrificed today was already strapped down to the floor and a funnel was being placed over his head. He screamed and yelled and demanded to be freed, he wanted to go home. "Well slave John, you are a difficult one aren't you? You surrendered to me, turned over all your worldly goods to me, signed a contract with me giving me possesion of your heart, mind, body and soul, yet you have the nerve to demand your freedom? Slave John, there is no option of freedom. Once you have surrendered to me, you are mine for all time. When you are disobedient, it is time to terminate. You will be suffocated in shit and piss this morning. Your life is nearly over. What have you to say about that?" "Noooooo! No no no no no, let me go, damnit, you can't do this to me, let me go, bitch!" "Well slave, you are indeed going to be difficult. I was going to let you die quietly and quickly in our divine shit. Now I have decided to draw it out, make you suffer. You will die a slow death by shit eating. Let's begin girls, who is first?" "Noooooooo, let me go, noooooo, help, someone help me. Help help!!" Slave John yelled at the top of his lungs, but to no avail. The first Mistress sat down on the toilet seat. She farted. John coughed, choked. "Oh, this will be fun." Said the Mistress on the toilet. Goddess Lisa said, "slowly, go slowly, make him suffer. Make him eat as much as we can before overwhelming him. Hear that slave? Eat shit dear, eat all of the Mistresses shit. Then I better hear a thank you!" With that, the Mistress starting shitting into slave John's mouth. He tried to resist and spit it out but it soon built up around his mouth and nose and we could no longer yell. He was forced to consume it or suffocate. He ate the shit as fast as he could. He vomited, then continued to eat his own vomit mixed with the Mistress's shit until he had consumed all she had to offer. "Well, slave John, you are very quiet now. Do I hear a thank you?" Slave John, now terrified, begged. "Please Goddess Lisa, let me go, please. I will work and send you money for the rest of my life, I'll do anything, please, beg of you, please. You are superior to me, I am your inferior white pain slut, you are a superior black Goddess to be obeyed and served. I beg you please, oh please?" Goddess Lisa replied, "I told you to thank the Mistress for her shit, now do it." Slave John replied, "Yes, thank you Mistress for your wonderful shit. Thank you for shitting and pissing in my mouth. It was wonderful, thank you. Oh please Goddess Lisa, now may I be free, please?" Goddess Lisa laughed out loud, "hahahahahahaha, you stupid white shit, you will now die for me you scum.

The next Mistress, have you a full load for our white scum toilet slave? " "Oh yes Goddess Lisa, I have a big load of shit for his dirty little mouth, let me at him." "Go ahead, make him eat shit." Goddess Lisa laughed. "No no no no , oh god please no." But slave John's pleas were quickly silenced by an enormous turd that dropped directly into his open, yelling mouth. Slave John tried to eat it but was having trouble getting down the large, long turd. The second Mistress had no mercy and unloaded it all quickly onto John's now overwhelmed face. Then she pissed at least a quart of urine on the mess. "Quickly, who is next?" Goddess Lisa demanded. Another Mistress then sat down on the toilet seat and immediately defecated onto the pile of shit already overwhelming slave John. John was quiet, he was desperately trying to consume the mountain of shit on his face. He chewed and swallowed the shit as fast as he could, but he needed air, and could not breath. "Now let's extend the suffering." Said Goddess Lisa. With that Lisa put an air tube down through the shit into slave John's mouth. He desperately gasped for air. He tried to cry out but could only gasp. Mistress Lisa then said, "breath a little slave, I want to extend your suffering for me. It pleases me so to see you so desperate to live, even though you know you are going to die, and you are going to die for me. I can see that you are now near death, so I will let you eat some shit, then breath a little, then eat some shit, until you have finished all of the second Mistress's shit. Then my slave, I will do the honors of finishing you off, and I will give you no breathing tube. you will simply suffocate for my pleasure as I whisper "die die" into your ears. Hahahahahahaha."

Goddess Lisa pulled out the breathing tube forcing slave john to eat more shit. when he started aspirating shit, Lisa stuffed the breathing tube back in and allowed him to breath for a few seconds, then again abruptly pulled it out and forced slave John to continue eating shit. After 15 minutes of this, slave John had consummed all the second Mistress's shit. "Well now slave John, how was your breakfast? Tell me how good it was?" Slave John, desperate, terrified, said "Yes, it was, cough, cough, delicious. Your shit is wonderful. Please may I remain alive and serve as your toilet? Please. I will serve you well forever, never again complain or disobey, please?" Goddess Lisa stroked slave John's head softly and whispered, "there there slave John, you must understand. I am your God, you are my little white subject. You live only for my entertainment, and you are now going to die for my entertainment. Remember what you are, now repeat what you are to me, NOW slave." Slave John, still hoping for a reprieve stammered, "You are my superior, black Goddess. I am an inferior white slave boy. I bow down on my knees at your feet. I humbly beg your forgiveness for my sins. Please accept me as your toy and servant, I beg of you." Goddess Lisa then said, "that was sweet slave. I really like it when you beg for forgiveness and surrender to me that way. Now it is time for you to go. Good-bye slave, it is over now." "Noooooooooooo, please no, no I beg, anything, anything anything PLEASE...." The first large turd dropped into John's mouth. Goddess Lisa had eaten well yesterday and was about to unload it all into her victim's mouth. Lisa released her waste quickly and all at once, overwhelming her slave completely. "Eat slave, eat, but it doesn't matter, you can't possibly eat it all. Die now for me slave, die...There, I see your face turning blue, that's it slave, die, suffer for me, very good. Your heaving now, desparate for air, but my shit is in your mouth, your nose, your lungs. it is almost over. I am your Goddess for all time. My voice will be the last sound you hear. It is almost over now slave...Die slave, die for me. " And, with that, slave John expired. His body was boiled and chopped up into dog food. It was a good day, a great party.