Toilet Slave For Life Part 2

"Well my slave, you are on time, good boy." Said Mistress Lisa as Bob returned for his second visit. "I must say I just had breakfast and lots of coffee, and I DO have to shit really bad." Mistress Lisa said to her slave. "I will do whatever you demand of me my Goddess. The sweet taste of your shit is still upon my tongue even a week later. I long for it constantly. I was also hoping that we could discuss the issue of permanent slavery." slave Bob replied. "Well, well, my slave. I do keep permanent slaves, well sort of. They are permanent as long as they live. They exist only for my entertainment and pleasure and for no other reason and for however long i wish to keep them. Then, they are either sold or discarded." Slave bob stuttered, "ummm, you mean you will kill me?" "My poor dear slave, i mean that i will do whatever i want with you, however i want, whenever i want, PERIOD. You will have no say, no choice. You must understand that permanent slaves give up everything for me. They give up their identity, their personal lives, their family and friends, the wealth, their house, car, clothes, EVERYTHING, even their right to live. Do you understand what i am saying?" "Yyyes my Goddess." slave Bob replied, shaking badly. Bob knew he was overwhelmed with desire to serve Mistress Lisa. no one had affected him like Lisa, she was the ultimate Goddess. She had complete control over him and he was both excited and terrified at the same time. he had a terrible feeling he would be giving up more than just his wealth, family, friends, and personal life if he joined the Mistress' slave colony, he knew he may well give up his life. Bob thought to himself that perhaps he would be different, that Mistress Lisa would take a special liking to him and permit him to live and be her permanent slave and be allowed to live into old age. Being a slave means being a fool. Bob was not unlike the others that went before him, totally intoxicated by the hypnotic, sexual aura of the most perfect Goddess Lisa. "Well slave bob, are we going to go into the bathroom or are we going to talk about you giving up your life in service of ME, your Goddess for all eternity?" Slave Bob replied, "I want to be your slave for eternity. I want to live and die for you." With that, Bob dropped to his knees and placed his lips upon Mistress Lisa's beautiful foot and kissed it. "I surrender to you, my Goddess. I pray to you as my one and only God to accept my as your property for all time, to do with me as you wish. I offer no resistence, no conditions. I surrender completely to you. " "Well, well slave bob, I think you ARE serious. I have a rather long contract for you to read and sign. Then you must begin divesting yourself of your personal belongings as they will become mine. We must sever relationships in such a manner that no one will come looking for you. Once we have completed all that, you will then be blndfolded, bound, and transported to my slave colony where you will live out your life in servitude to me. Do you understand this clearly?" "Yes, Goddess Lisa, I understand and accept all of your conditions." "Good, very good. but you know what? before we start, I do have to take an awful shit. I had a very large dinner last night. Now get your lowly ass into the bathroom and lie down on your back on the floor, NOW." With that, slave bob dropped to the floor and crawled into the bathroom. Mistress Lisa looked down on this new permanent slave and smiled. "My poor little fool, you have no idea what you are in for, but they all are like this. You cannot resist me, you haven't the strength or even the will. you are mine, all mine. Now open your mouth slave, open it wide. " With that, Mistress Lisa squatted own over slave Bob's mouth and started to release her divine waste into his hungry mouth. Bob gagged again and almost vomited. but this time his desire to surrender was so strong, he was able to consume all of Mistress Lisa's shit without stopping. Even Mistress Lisa was impressed. "My, my slave boy, you did very good, very, very good indeed. You have shown a strong willingness to serve and surrender. Your life, however long it will be, shall be a worthy one. We have to do one thing before signing that contract though. Clean up and then crawl back into the living room. I'll be waiting. Slave Bob was intoxicated, delirious with erotic madness. His desire to please Mistress Lisa was now beyond rationality. Bob was a goner, there was no turning back. But there would be no shortage of difficult tests for slave Bob as he was about to see.

Bob crawled into the living room. There was a table there, similar to a massage table. "Get up on the table slave Bob, lie on your back. "Bob obeyed without question. Mistress Lisa tied Bob down with straps. Bob grew frightend, but he stifled his fear and waited for what was to come. "I think you need something to remind you of me at all times. Something that will keep you from ever showing yourself to anyone else again, not that you will have the opportunity ever again, but something that will make changing your mind a bit more difficult between now and the time you are transferred to my slave colony. This is going to hurt my sweet, hurt a great deal, and there is nothing you can do now to stop me or turn back. You are committed, understand my little slave?" Slave Bob was scared but utterly lost in his desire to serve Mistress Lisa. He could only reply, "Yes, my Goddess, i am ready for anything, you are God. i am your property. My life is worthless except to please you. I am on this earth only for that purpose, to serve you, suffer for you, be your toilet, your pain slut, whatever you want. You are A GODDESS. I bow down and pray to you. Please do with me as you wish. " Mistress Lisa intended to do just that. Slave Bob was about to be initiated. Following that would be signing contracts and then the process of turning his life over to the Mistress. Bob's old life was now over.

"Well slave Bob, are you comfortable on that table? Are the straps too tight for you? Are you ready to turn over your very life, your soul, your worldly possessions to me?" "Yes, my Mistress, I am ready. but the straps are a bit too tight, please?" Begged slave Bob. Mistress Lisa replied, "Open your mouth slave, I will give you my reply to your complaint about the straps." Slave Bob opened his mouth wide. Mistress Lisa snorted back deeply from her nose and then spit into slave Bob's mouth. "Swallow my snot slave, but savor it first, taste it, enjoy it, think of it as both my answer to your complaint and as a teaser for your lunch which will be coming soon after your initiation is complete." Slave Bob obeyed, tasting Mistress Lisa's divine snot and swallowing it. Mistress Lisa then spit into her slave's mouth a few more times, smiling, enjoying the spectacle of yet another man sinking into the depths of depravity and slavery to serve her and do her will. Mistress Lisa then stepped away for a moment and returned. She had a knife in her hand. She looked at slave Bob with a wicked, evil grin and said, "ready slave?" Bob was terrified. "what are you going to do to me? Please, no, no!" Mistress Lisa replied, "how dare you say no to me, you bastard. I am about to carve a little something permanently onto your chest. You are mine now, completely owned by me. you will not complain to me again or you will suffer horribly. I own you, completely own you. You live at my pleasure, die at my displeasure, do you understand slave? " Slave Bob was shaking uncontrollably. "Oh god what have i gotten myself into. I don't know if i can go through with this. can we just maintain a session relationship. I'll pay you twice as much. I'll even make automatic payments to your account if you like, just lets free me, please?" Mistress Lisa laughed. "Oh you silly fool. Like they say, be careful what you ask for. Well my little toilet, there is no turning back. Let us begin." With that Mistress Lisa began carving into slave Bob's chest. Slave bob screamed. Mistress Lisa then stuffed a sock into her slave's mouth. She then proceeded to carve the words 'Lisa's toilet slave' onto his chest. Tears rolled down slave Bob's face as he wrestled helplessly against the straps that bound him to the table. It took about 15 minutes to finish the artwork. Slave Bob was in shock and staring at the ceiling. Mistress Lisa then got up on the table and squatted over slave bob's chest. she then pee'd on his still bleeding wounds. Bob tried to scream but the sock prevented any sound from coming out. Finally slave Bob slumped back, almost as if he was resigning himself to his fate. "You just lie there slave and think about one thing. SUBMISSION. Think about nothing else. I will be back in a few minutes."

Slave Bob, with the sock still in his mouth, laid there pondering his fate. He knew that he was marked for life. He wondered if he should continue to resist or perhaps just let go. What was the point now in resisting. Perhaps slavery to Mistress Lisa would be a good thing. He knew he loved submitting, though this was a bit extreme. "Well slave, have you thought things over, are you ready to submit to me, to accept whatever I do to you without question?" Mistress Lisa pulled the sock out of Bob's mouth and waited for a reply. "I am so scared. I want to submit, oh my, i don't know what is happening, help me please." Mistress Lisa replied, "How pathetic you are, so terribly pathetic. " Mistress Lisa slapped slave Bob across the face several times. "That is not the answer I wanted to hear. Perhaps i can help you clarify your thinking. " Mistress Lisa took out a box of salt. She then poured it on the fresh wounds and rubbed it in. Bob screamed while Mistress Lisa laughed. After the pain subsided, perhaps 20 minutes later, an exhausted Bob finally begged. "Yes, yes, I submit. Please oh please, let me be your slave. Please I am in such pain. I will do your will. I bow before you. " With that, Mistress Lisa released her slave and ordered him to his knees. Slave Bob complied. He bowed down at Mistress Lisa's feet and begged to serve her. "That is better, much better my slave. We are making progress. You must understand that you will not be making any more decisions with your life, none at all. I will map out your life from now on. I will tell you what to do, how to do it, and when. You have but to obey. Do you understand?" Slave Bob replied, "Yes, my Goddess, I understand and I will obey." "Good my little slave. Now before we get to signing the slave contract and making a trip to the bank to obtain all your assets, we must be hungry, aren't we?" Slave Bob replied, "Yes, oh yes I am so hungry and so thirsty, please, may I have something to eat?" "Why yes, slave, you may definitely have something to eat. Follow me." Mistress Lisa led her slave into the bathroom. "Lie down on the floor slave, lie on your back, place your hands in the restraints. " Mistress Lisa snapped the restraints shut around slave Bob's wrists and ankles. She then squatted down over her slaves face. "Lunchtime sweetie, open wide, real wide, I really gotta go." Slave Bob almost protested again, but thought the better of it. Instead he opened his mouth and received the holy waste from his true owner and Goddess. He consumed her waste with enthusiasm. He even begged for more. She followed that by washing it down with her golden nectar. When Mistress Lisa was finished, Slave Bob said. "Thank you my Goddess for providing my lunch and permitting me to live in your presence another hour. I submit, I submit completely. Take all I have, I have no more will except to serve at your feet. My very soul is now yours. Please take it, take me, use me. " Mistress Lisa looked down at her toilet, her slave, and smiled. Another man has been crushed, converted, destroyed, and rebuilt as her property. Mistress Lisa was indeed a Goddess. Slave Bob was indeed lost forever as her servant. "Well my slave, why don't you digest your lunch. Then we'll take a trip to the bank and complete the financial part of our new relationship. Then you will be transported to the colony where you will live out your life in servitude to me. Ready for your journey slave Bob?" Slave Bob replied, "Yes, my Goddess, I am ready." Slave Bob closed his eyes. He was exhausted, and he would need his sleep, for he would find that slavery to Mistress Lisa would be anything but relaxing.

"Well slave, we have a busy day ahead of us. You will shower and dress. This is your last day in society. We will be going to the bank to withdraw all of your financial assets. I will take possession of everything you own. You will cut all social ties. Then you will be taken to the colony. You will be blindfolded and rendered unconscious. You will not know where you are going, or even if it is this country. You will never again communicate with another human being except your Mistresses. You will be permitted to live only as long as you please us or, well, as long as you can live under the circumstances. You must realize that you have no choice. Do you have any questions slave?" slave bob nodded obediently and said, "I will obey, I have no questions. I turn my life and soul over to you. you are my god and I will obey you completely without resistance. " Mistress Lisa went on, "Okay then, get dressed. The first stop is the bank. " Mistress Lisa accompanied her slave to the bank, two actually, and transferred all moneys to a third party account in Switzerland. Slave Bob didn't own a home but he turned over all of his valuables and car to Mistress Lisa's lovely assistant, Danielle. Slave Bob was then brought back to Mistress Lisa's apartment and was forced to write letters to all relatives and close friends that he was leaving the country and would not communicate further with anyone. No further explanation was given. Slave Bob almost backed out here but Mistress Lisa by this time had connected electrodes to his genitals and would send a powerful shock whenever slave Bob seemed hesitant. The letters were finally signed, sealed and mailed. Slave Bob was then tied up and given an injection. Mistress Lisa then spoke to him. "Slave, you will be going to sleep now. You are being transported to the colony where you will live out your life in sevitude to me and to other Mistresses in the colony. Your past life is over. You will never return again." Slave Bob tried to reply but was so drowsy he could barely keep his eyes open. Soon he was asleep...