Let Them Eat Cake

I cautiously walk to the door carrying a bag of food for lunch and knock on the door. Mistress Lisa answers the door wearing a stunning latex dress and matching open toed high heels. I am in awe of her commanding and beautiful presence. She invites me in and tells me to place the bag down, so she can take a closer look at me. My raging hard-on is obviously visible through my pants and Mistress Lisa starts my humiliation session by making a comment about that protrusion.

After she has sufficiently checked me out, I am ordered onto my hands and knees and told to show gratitude by kissing her sweet toes. Mistress Lisa turns around and tells me to worship her ass, just to show me where my place is. Now that I have shown her the proper gratitude, it's time to serve and entertain my Mistress.

Mistress Lisa orders me to strip naked and put my hands behind my head. She gives me a few hard smacks on the ass and intensively grabs my balls. I automatically fall to my knees as the Mistress laughs in delight. Now that she has my attention, she explains her rules to me. I am to be dressed in a humiliating outfit and serve as her sissy maid/toilet slut, as well a chef. I am to be kept naked, in an apron, or in any other outfit that the Mistress deems fit for her amusement.

The Mistress has already told me what she would like to eat for lunch and I had purchased the items ahead of time. I am ordered to the kitchen and told to start making the meal. I am instructed that every time the Mistress taps her crop against the table, I am to stop cooking, run to her, get on my knees in front of her, and wait for further instruction. The first time Mistress Lisa does this, she tells me that I forgot to ask her what she wanted to drink and that I needed to be punished for that.

A few clothes pins are applied to my cock and balls, followed by a few swats with the crop to remind me not to be so careless. Mistress instructs me that she would like a glass of white wine and that I should hurry. I get the wine as quickly as possible and give to the Mistress. She thanks me for my promptness and as a reward removes a few of the clothes pins.

I go back to cooking the meal for a couple of minutes and I hear the crop tap on the table again. I run over and kneel. Mistress says "Entertain me, bitch!" She puts on some music and makes me dance around like a stripper. I must bend over and be spanked periodically, as well as being subject to the hard squeeze reach around. Mistress laughs in delight and says I can stop because she doesn't want the food to get ruined. As a reward for entertaining her, the rest of the clothes pins are removed from my cock and balls.

Lunch is finally ready and I serve it to the Mistress per her instructions. I am to kneel at her feet and kiss her toes while she eats. After a while, I am instructed to remove her shoes and give her a foot massage. The Mistress soon gets full from lunch, but more food remains, so she decides to have some fun with it. She spits grapes at me and I am supposed to catch them in my mouth. Every one that I miss is crushed by her feet and I must lick it off her toes and the floor. Mistress Lisa is delighted by my messy misery as the remains of lunch are smeared and spit on her lowly house slave.

I need some liquid to wash that mess off my face and Mistress Lisa has just the right remedy. It's time for a golden shower! But I won't get any until I do quite of bit of begging for her delicious golden nectar. After she has sufficiently relieved herself on me, I clean up the rest of the mess and get ready for dessert

I bring Mistress Lisa a generous size piece of cake and stand at attention in front of her as she delicately eats every bite. My cock is pulsating and has been on the verge of exploding for quite a while now. Mistress Lisa tells me that she is done with the cake and that I will have the honor of finishing the rest. However, I will need to add some "icing" to the cake before I can eat it. I am ordered to cum on the cake immediately and to thank the Mistress for the pleasure. Once I have added all the "icing," Mistress laughs hysterically as she spoon feeds me my own cum on cake.

After I finish all my cake, I am told to finish cleaning up any other mess in the house. I am given the honor of a final kiss on the ass to Mistress Lisa and we say our good byes.