Toilet Slave For Life Part 3

Slave Bob awoke in a dimly lit room and found that he was tied down to a cot. He called out for Mistress Lisa. A moment later Mistress Lisa appeared. "Well slave, welcome to the colony of horrors. I hope you enjoy your short life here." "Short life?" Slave Bob replied. "Oh yes slave, most only last a few months. But they will be months of pure service and pleasure to the Mistresses. They will be months of torture, pain, humiliation, and great suffering to you. This is your gift to your supreme Goddess, ME! Now tell me how much you will enjoy suffering and dying for your Goddess." Slave Bob realized that this was indeed it, that there was no going back, and he made no attempt to resist. He replied, "I understand my Goddess. I am ready to serve you." "Good slave, very good." With that Mistress Lisa untied slave Bob from the cot and ordered him into another room. "You are going to be beaten and tortured now slave, come and follow me." Slave Bob was shaking, very scared, but followed Mistress Lisa into another room. "Lie down on the floor slave, right there." Bob lied down on a hard, stone floor where arm and leg shackles were. Mistress Lisa secured her slave to the shackles. She then said to slave Bob, "I ordered you to follow me into this room but you did not follow me on your hands and knees, you walked. That will never hanppen again." Slave Bob replied, "I'm sorry Mistress Lisa, I'm so scared, I wasn't thinking, please forgive me." "Forgive you? No slave, you are never forgiven for anything here, never. You must now pay. " Mistress Lisa picked up a large machete and stood over her slave. "You must now lose your feet. Without your feet you cannot ever hope to escape, and you will never again forget to crawl in my presence." "Oh god, no, no, no, please, no. I'm sorry, please..." WHACK, WHACK! Slave Bob screamed as Mistress Lisa removed his feet. She then used a red hot poker and sealed the wounds on each leg by melting the flesh. Bob's screaming went on for 10 minutes. He finally stopped, tears running down his face, shaking uncontrollably. "Slave Bob, you forgot to thank me for cutting off your feet. I am your Goddess, I know what is best. I did this deed and you did not thank me profusely. Now you must receive punishment. With that, Mistress Lisa beat her slave with a bull whip. She beat him mercilessly. Slave Bob screamed and cried and begged. He begged for forgiveness, begged for a moment to breath, begged to her even prayed to her. Mistress Lisa stopped for a moment and sat down by her bleeding, swollen slave and took his head into her arms. "Slave Bob, why haven't I heard the words 'thank you' from your lips. It gives me great pleasure to see you suffer, to see your blood on the floor, to hear your cries, yet you do not thank me for receiving this pleasure. It is your duty to please me and then to thank me for pleasing me. Well?" Bob, still shaking and almost in shock replied, "Yes, thank you, oh thank you Goddess for making me suffer. Thank you for cutting off my feet and beating me. Thank you. I love you. I adore you. I worship you. I give myself to you." Mistress Lisa then said, "Very good slave, now what do you say?" Slave Bob wasn't sure what Lisa wanted. "Ummm, thank you a thousand times." Said slave Bob. "No, no slave Bob, you were to beg for more torture, you must beg me to beat you even more and even harder. Well?" Slave Bob was shaking so bad Lisa couldn't hold him in her arms so she stepped back. "Slave, let me hear you beg or you die now. " Slave Bob then begged, "yes, yes, please beat me, please torture me, I submit to you, please hurt me." Mistress Lisa beat her slave into unconsciousness.

A few minutes later She then poured rubbing alcohol over his open wounds. Slave Bob awoke screaming in pain. "Beg slave, beg for more, let me hear you beg." Slave Bob's eyes were blood red. He begged...."yes, please beat me, kill me, do what you want with me, I submit, I submit." Mistress Lisa slapped her slave 10 or 15 times hard, then broke slave Bob's nose. With blood flowing from his broken nose, Mistress Lisa again beat slave Bob into unconsciousness. Her arms tired, she laughed and walked away. As she got to the door she turned and said to her still unconscious slave, "hope you have a good appetite tonight, we're having a dinner party and you will be well fed. sweet dreams my little slave, or should I say, toilet slave."

Slave Bob awoke in great pain. His nose a mass of broken bones and dried blood. His ankles ached and throbbed relentlessly where they had been cut off. Some infection had set in and Bob was having a very rough time. He thought to himself that he must have been crazy to agree to all this. Reality is often a shock when compared to fantasy. But it was too late now. Bob knew that he was never going to escape. What would be the use? With 'toilet slave' cut into his chest for all to see, his feet gone, all his money and possesions given away, life would be almost as bad outside the colony. Bob also knew that he would not see old age, that his days were indeed numbered. He decided to surrender to it, not fight it. Lisa was his Goddess. He would continue to obey her and please her, even at his own discomfort and pain and humiliation. Lisa was God. He was on this earth only for her entertainment. Lisa walked into the room. Slave Bob suppressed the pain and said, "hello my Goddess. I am in such pain. It is a pleasure to be suffering for you. May I pray to you?" Mistress Lisa replied, "you will have time to pray later my slave. We have some guests over this evening, all Dommes, and they will be using you and some of the other slaves as well. I have a task for you. I want you to crawl on your knees...hahahaha, of course you will, you have no feet. That is so funny. Well, as i was saying, crawl on your hands and knees and follow me into the kitchen." Mistress Lisa led the way and slave Bob struggled to keep up, his knees burning on the rug as he raced, crawling behind her. Lisa suddenly stopped. "Come slave, put your face up to my ass and breath deeply." Slave Bob obeyed. Mistress Lisa farted into slave Bob's face. Bob breathed deeply. "Thank you Mistress Lisa, that was a pleasure for me to breath your waste gas. " "your welcome toilet Bob." Mistress Lisa replied. "Now I open the refrigerator, take out that package on the bottom shelf marked 'Fido'. that is one of our dog's dinner. I want you to cook it up on the stove, boil it, then feed it to Fido. " "Yes my Goddess." Slave Bob replied. Bob removed the package from the refrigerator and took out a pot from under the stove. He opened the package and emptied the contents into the pan. To Bob's horror, his own feet fell out into the pan. Bob screamed in horror. Mistress Lisa, still standing there laughed, "hahahahaha, yes my little toilet, those are your feet, and you are going to cook them up and feed them to Fido. Now get busy slave." With that Mistress Lisa slapped slave Bob hard across the face several times and then stabbed an ice pick into his ear. "Aaaaaah," screamed Bob, "yes, yes, I will do as you command, you are my Goddess, I am your slave and toilet. Forgive me, yes, I will obey. " Slave Bob bowed down to Mistress Lisa's feet and licked them. "Thank you for giving me the privilege of feeding your dog part of my body. I am inferior to all in this house. I am your object."

Bob cooked up his own feet and placed them in Fido's bowl. Fido was let into the kitchen and he ate them. He remained calmly on the floor chewing on the bones. Slave Bob was numb, he watched but felt nothing. He simply waited for Lisa's next command. "Come slave, follow me into the bathroom. You will be a busy boy tonight, very busy. I hope you are hungry, VERY hungry. " Bob crawled on his hands and knees once more, this time following his Goddess into the bathroom. Bob was placed on his back and his hands and ankles tied down tightly. retraints were set up on each side of his head so he could not turn away. "Well, now aren't you a sight my little toilet. You will be servicing our Mistresses tonight, all night long. You will be eating shit, spit, piss, snot, boogers, vomit, whatever comes from the bodies of our wondrous Goddesses, will be swallowed and consumed in total by you. You will either survive this night of consumption or die trying. If you are deemed worthy, you will be permitted to live here until you die, strapped to the bathroom floor. Oh! I hear footsteps, best I leave and let the ladies do their business!" Oh, I am so'd think I didn't even have a heart. I have decided to go easy on you and offer you a choice of your suffering. You may be a toilet for the rest of your very short life, or return to your cage but only if you permit our hungry dogs to eat your genitals. Your crotch will then be burned with a hot poker and a catheter inserted so you may urinate while you remain alive. That will be your choice sweeite. Do think about it. " Slave Bob almost couldn't believe what he was hearing, but he didn't have time to dwell on it. A rather lovely woman walked in to use the bathroom. She was beautiful, black, had perfect skin and an impossibly beautiful ass. "Well, well, what have we here?" the Mistress said to herself. "What a fine looking toilet. Now open that mouth wide for me and keep it that way, do you understand?" Bob replied "yes, Mistress, I will keep my mouth open wide for you pleasure." With that, the beautiful Mistress spit into slave Bob's mouth. "Swallow my snot slave, relish it. mmmm, good isn't it?" Slave Bob replied, "yes my Mistress, very good, thank you. May I have more?" "No slave, no more snot, but i have a ton of shit for you. I ate like a pig yesterday and it is ready to come out. I am going to shit into your mouth as fast as i can and see if i can smother you to death. You see, we girls are having a contest to see who can overwhelm your mouth and nose and make you die for us." Bob stammered, "oh, oh, oh god, ummm, please I want to serve you, please, I want to live to please you, please, may I live?" The Mistress replied, "hahahaha, I want you to die slave. If you die, I win $50, silly shit! Now eat my shit." The Mistress removed her panties and pulled up her short skirt. Her legs were gorgeous. Slave Bob, terrified, nonetheless was sexually stimulated by the site of her gorgeous limbs, but his mind was brought to sharp focus within seconds. "Eat shit slave, eat it for me, enjoy my shit slave eat, eat. "

The Mistress shit as fast as she could into Bob's mouth. Slave Bob ate, chewed and swallowed as fast as he could. Miraculously he managed to consume all of the Mistress' shit without choking to death. "Well slave, very good. Looks like I won't win the $50...not this time at least. Now lets help you wash all that down, shall we?" With that, the Mistress let her hot piss flow into slave Bob's open mouth. "Drink up slave, drink it all up. You are drinking the divine champagne of a black Goddess, supreme in all the land. You, my little white slave, are my toilet, are inferior to me in all ways, and are elevated by receiving my holy waste. pray to me that you may serve me for all eternity as my ass slave. Pray now slave!" Bob almost choked trying to utter a quickly improvised prayer as he gurgled down the Mistress' divine piss. "Yes, yes, i will pray to you. may you accept my soul into your eternity. May I suffer and serve you forever at your feet, obeying you completely, always there when your divine bodily needs require servicing. " The Mistress replied, "hmmm, that was not much of a prayer. I'm not impressed. I will let the next Mistress know that you have displeased me. You must work on your prayers." "Umm, I'm sorry, I'm in such pain, such distress, I can't think clearly. "Well then slave, you aren't much use to us then, are you?" "Oh, yes, yes, I am, I mean I will. I'm sorry, please, please, I am trying to be perfect for you, please help me learn to be a good slave." The Mistress replied, I could do that, but I think I want you to suffer instead. I'll tell Mistress Lisa what a turd you are and she will make you suffer horribly. That will be fun to watch. In the meantime, another slave in another room was to be tortured and sacrificed. all the Mistresses gathered into that room to enjoy the show.