Toilet Slave For Life Part 5

"Well slave Bob, we here at the colony have grown tired of you. We will now make things more interesting. We will be conducting a bold new experiment on body modification. What do you think of that my sweet little toilet?" Slave Bob replied, "ummm, I am so happy living in your bathroom, consuming your holy waste. It is a great pleasure and privilege for me to serve you that way. Are you displeased with me now my most perfect Goddess?" Lisa replied, "Actually I'm just bored. You are not suffering enough for me. I may as well shit into the toilet. I think you will be most, well, amazed at what we are going to do to you. " Slave Bob then asked, "when will you be doing this to me, modifying my body? " The supreme Goddess Lisa replied, "tonight slave, tonight. Our slave surgeons are preparing for this dramatic operation as we speak. Perhaps you would like a tour of our lab. Come slave, crawl along behind me. Enjoy the tour."

With that the Goddess Lisa lead Bob into the lab on a leash, slave Bob crawling on his wrists and knees. He no longer had hands. If you look to your left you'll see slaves that have been completely isolated from the outside world. Their legs and arms are cut off. Their ears and eyes destroyed with red hot pokers, their tongues and vocal cords removed. This was all done while they were tied down, without anesthetic. To enhance the pain, we poured alcohol on their open wounds. They, unable to scream, could only writh somewhat, but not much without limbs. Some of them just remain tied up, fed with an IV. Mistresses here at the colony can come in at their discretion and torture them. For example, this one here. He was modified just two days ago. He is still in such pain that tears are this minute streaming down his cheeks. Now watch what I do." Goddess Lisa took a razor and cut off the tortured slaves penis and balls and then rubbed salt into the wound. "I am sorry I destroyed his hearing. I would like to whisper into his ears now, torment him further. Perhaps later when he comes out of shock I will use a butcher knife and slice up his anus. Imagine how painful it will be to shit, and he'll be shitting my shit. Because, after before I slice up his anus, I will shit into his mouth. To keep it open, we'll use a funnel wedged into his silent but screaming mouth. So how do you like the tour so far slave Bob?" Slave Bob replied, "Ummm, gruesome, they are really suffering. I want to serve you forever. I've obeyed all of your commands. Couldn't you permit me to be your main slave, the one you have at your beck and call at all times for any purpose that pleases you?" Goddess Lisa replied, "you stupid, white bastard, you are nothing to me but an object of torment. I have no concern for you, never have, never will. I will torment you until the day you die, and you will beg me for more, thank me for what I have already done, and scream out in pain as I continue to torment you.

Now come this way, a Mistress is torturing one of our slaves to death. Come and watch. " A colony Mistress was skinning a slave alive. He was fully awake and glued to a table on his back. He would writhe but not really move. The Mistress was using a very sharp vegtable peeler and skinning the screaming slave alive. She used acid to coagulate the bleeding where it occurred. The slave screamed and begged for forgiveness, to be allowed to die quickly. But, the torturing Mistress said, "don't be silly my little man, you were born to suffer for me, born to suffer a great deal. Then you will die. Now lick my ass." With that, the Mistress sat over the face of her whimpering and convulsing slave. He dutifully licked her ass. Then suddenly she swung around and said, "You're not that good are you? You are a lousy ass licker. Stick out your tongue. NOW, obey me!" The slave hesitently stuck out his tongue. The Mistress grabbed it and stretched it out as far as she could. She then sliced it off with a sharp razor blade. The slave screamed as blood filled his mouth. He was gagging on his own blood. Tthe Mistress then took a small bunsen burner and fused the inside of his mouth and tongue. He was silent now, going into shock. Goddess Lisa intervened. "Let's give him his wish. I have to poop big time. I'd usually make my slave, Bob here, eat it, but this looks like my kind of fun. " With that, Goddess Lisa got up on the table and sat over the slave's mouth. Then she used a machete and deftly sliced through the slaves jaw muscles. His mouth fell open and Lisa shit into his open mouth. He gagged immediately, swallowed some, but finally suffocated to death on the spot. "That was fun, I enjoyed that," the other Mistress said, "Lisa, you are the best, you always steal the show. I am still learning from you." Goddess Lisa replied, "why do you think I am the Head Mistress here. Just wait until you see what we do with slave Bob here. In fact, it is about time for the surgery. Let's just get him to the operating room now. "

Slave Bob, sensing something more drastic than even he could bear, yelled, "no, no, please no. Please let me be your toilet slave. You can cut off my legs and arms, tie me into your bathroom. Please, no more surgery, please." Goddess Lisa slapped her slave hard, very hard, across the face several times. "Shut up slave. You are my little white plaything, born to serve a superior Black Goddess. You are nothing more than a thimble full of cum to me. " With that, several Mistresses were summoned to tie slave Bob into a gurney and then he was dragged into the operating room. "Well, slave, we are about to begin. You are lucky that you will be unconscious for the surgery. It is so dramatic, so experimental, that your moving around could ruin it. We will now put you under. When you awaken, your life will never again be the same." Bob felt only terror, and his heart sunk. He knew there was no use in yelling or begging. He resigned himself to whatever hell was in store for him. He accepted the fact that Goddess Lisa was his Goddess, forever and for all time. He was her inferior white servant, toilet, plaything. She was to be obeyed and worshipped. Living, suffering, and dying for Goddess Lisa was a privilege. He surrendered completely. An IV drip was begun. Bob was unconscious within a few seconds.

Slave Bob awakened later that day. He looked around. Goddess Lisa was there smiling, looking down at him. Slave Bob spoke. "What happened. I feel the same, but I can't feel anything, can't seem to move. What happened to me?" Lisa replied, "you are just a head now. We removed your entire body. You are on a pump that keeps oxygenated blood circulating through your brain. We have all of your pain receptors wired to a console. You can see, hear, taste, and swallow. But swallowing will not be for the sake of nourishment. No, no my sweet toilet. You will swallow my shit and the shit of other Mistresses here. It will just go into a pump. It will be recycled back into your mouth. You will eat it again, and again, and again. We'll occasionally purge the pump of shit and let you sleep. When you wake up, we will all be in line to shit and piss. You will then spend the entire day eating our shit and piss again, and again, and again, until we put you to sleep at night. Slave Bob looked terrified, but then he resigned, submitted, surrendered. It was too late to be scared, his life was forever in the hands of the Goddess Lisa. There was only servitude to his superior Black Mistress, his owner. He then said, "thank you Goddess Lisa for doing this to me. You are my God, my one and only God. I pray to you, suffer for you, live and die for you. I have no desire to fight this. I surrender completely to anything from you. "Very good slave Bob, you are a truly converted slave who understands that I am superior to all other humans. You were born to serve me for ever. Now we will experiement with the console. I can cause impossible pain to any part of your body just by pushing a button. It will feel as if I was applying a soldering iron to that part of your body, even though it no longer exists. Let's try this one here." With that, slave Bob screamed out in pain. Goddess Lisa had just created the illusion that a hot poker was searing off his genitals. "Slave Bob, that really hurt didn't it?" "YES, Goddess Lisa, YES, oh my god that hurt." "Well slave Bob, see this big switch up here? Oh, you can't turn your head. Trust me, there is a big switch here. It is the master pain switch. It causes excruciating pain to ALL regions of your body. It will be unimaginable. I will now switch it on, and LEAVE IT ON, for 24 hours. I will turn out the lights and close the door, soundproof I should add. I'll be back in 24 hours to take a nice big shit into your mouth. Whether I turn off the master pain switch, leave it on for a little longer, or even for ever will depend on my mood. Boy, sure glad I have these ear plugs in. You sure are screaming loud. I like this, I like this alot. " With that, the Goddess Lisa straddled over slave Bob's head and pissed into his open and screaming mouth. He almost couldn't swallow as his pain was so great. Lisa laughed, and walked out of the room, shutting off the lights and the door as she exited. It was going to be a hellish 24 hours, if not more. There is a hell, and Bob was now living it. Goddess Lisa is truly the supreme Goddess in the universe.