Toilet Slave For Life Part 1

Slave Bob showed up at Mistress Lisa's door, nervous but hungry with passion. He knew what she was going to do to him, it would be worth every penny. Mistress Lisa answered the door, smiled, and said "Come in". Bob walked in and complimented Mistress Lisa on her beauty. Ms Lisa said "thank you" and ordered Slave Bob to bow down onto his knees before her. Slave Bob offered his gift to his new Mistress. Mistress Lisa put it aside and ordered him into another room. Bob was told to kneel at her feet. He obeyed. Mistress Lisa then interviewed her new slave, making sure that Bob understood what was going to transpire during the hour he was there. "You understand that you are here to provide bathroom service, nothing more. is that clear?" "yes, Mistress Lisa," bob replied. "My shit is holy sacrament to you, my piss is your holy water, my spit is a sweet treat. You will receive what I give you with joy. You will always thank me for each mouthful of shit i provide you, each swallow of my divine piss, is that understood?" "Yes, my Goddess, I understand," Slave Bob replied. "After you have thanked me profusely for my divine and perfect waste, you will then proceed to beg for more, is that clear slave?" "Yes, my Goddess, I will obey you completely. This is a great privilege, I am so honored," replied slave Bob. "Yes, you are slave, very lucky to be serving me here today as my toilet." Bob then said, "I wish I could be your permanent slave, real slave, for ever. I wish I could give up my freedom completely and be owned by you, never to see the light of day, living each day only to service your most holy body." "Well, slave, I actually do have permanent slaves. but it is not something you want to jump into lightly. if you apply for a position as a permanent slave, and if I accept you, you can never go back, never. You will live and die in servitude to me. Could you deal with that slave?" "Oh yes, my Goddess, yes, yes, please, may I apply?" Bob said. "Well, we haven't even had our first session yet. Let's just see how good of a slave you really are, okay?" "Yes, my Mistress, yes." replied slave Bob

The session began. Bob was totally excited and hotter than a red pepper now. His member was stiff as a rod. Mistress Lisa's sexy attire that teasingly showed her gorgeous legs and delicious ass had slave Bob dizzy with sexual hunger. But sex he would not be getting. "Crawl on your hands and knees into the bathroom slave." Mistress Lisa ordered. Slave Bob complied and crawled dutifully into the bathroom. A disposable plastic sheet had been laid out for Mistress Lisa's new toilet slave to lie down on. "Slave, lie down on your back on the plastic sheet. This is where you will spend the next hour." "Yes, my Mistress, anything, anything you want, anything. " Slave Bob replied. "Really? we'll see, we'll just see." said Mistress Lisa. Mistress Lisa then placed her feet on her slaves face. "Lick my feet slave, clean them." Bob dutifully licked and sucked each and every toe on Mistress Lisa's beautiful feet. He licked every inch of both feet. Suddenly Mistress Lisa cleared her throat, she cleared her nose, then looked down at her slave. "Open your worthless mouth slave, I have a little gift for you." Slave Bob opened his mouth wide. Mistress Lisa spit into his mouth. "Now taste my snot slave, savor it, and now swallow it." SLAP, SLAP, twice Mistress Lisa slapped her slave's face hard, very hard. "Ow, oh, why, what did I do, Mistress Lisa?" Slave Bob asked, somewhat shocked by the harsh slaps across his face. "You did not thank me for my snot, slave. you did not then beg for more snot. What did I tell you at the very beginning of our session? SLAP, SLAP. Now apologize to me slave, and beg for forgiveness. If you were my permanent slave, i would beat you until you fell unconscious, then carve a notch in your belly to forever remind you of your sin. Remember, when you are in my presence, I am a goddess. I own you. You always think about ME and MY needs." With that Mistress Lisa squatted down over her slaves face and farted. "Ummmm, thank you Mistress Lisa, thank you. I'm sorry, I won't forget again. Thank you thank you, please, please, more snot, more farts, please??" Slave Bob urgently said. "Slave Bob, have you had lunch yet?" "No, my Mistress, not yet today," her slave replied. "well, let's do something about that right now. What are you hungry for slave?" Mistress Lisa asked. "I love chinese food, mexican too." Slave Bob foolishly replied. "That is what you will get. I had mexican last night, you will get that same meal from me now." "Oh, okay." slave Bob nervously replied. Bob was now scared. The reality of what was about to happen sunk in. "Umm, maybe we have done enough already? Is it okay if we stop now?" Slave Bob asked. "Well, let's see. Let me tie you up instead and i'll tease you, how's that?" Mistress Lisa asked. "Okay, that sounds great, that would be fun." Slave Bob replied, greatly relieved. Mistress Lisa tied her slaves hands up over his head behind the toilet. She tied his feet together and secured them to the bed post a few feet away. She then looked down at her pathetic slave and laughed. "You will now do whatever i want and i will do whatever i want to you." Slave Bob was now scared again. what had he gotten himself into? "um, what are you going to do to me?" he asked. "Make you eat shit slave, lots of it, in fact, all of it." "Ummm, could i just drink your pee instead?" Bob sheepishly asked. "oh slave Bob, you'll be doing that too!" Mistress Lisa replied. With that she sat directly over slave Bob's mouth and ordered him to open it. At the same time reached back and grabbed Bob's balls in her hands and squeezed hard. "I will let go of your balls when you open your mouth slave." Bob was terrified, but he was in enormous pain and obeyed. Bob opened his mouth. "Eat shit slave, eat it good. This is what you were born to do, to bow at my feet. Pray to me, obey me, eat my shit, proclaim my superiority to you, offer your very life to me. Obey slave, eat, eat, eat. " Mistress Lisa let go a large turd into her slave's mouth. Slave Bob gagged and began to vomit. Mistress Lisa then pissed in Bob's face, and again grabbed his balls and squeezed hard. "Open your mouth, beg for more shit, or I will crush your balls." Mistress Lisa demanded. Bob was crying, scared, but he obeyed. Again Mistress Lisa shit into his mouth. Bob ate some of it this time. Mistress Lisa slapped Bob's face several times hard. "What did you forget to do, slave?" Mistress Lisa demanded. "I, um, I am sorry, I forgot. Thank you for the privilege of eating your shit and allowing me to be your toilet. Please, oh please, may i have more shit, please?" Slave Bob replied. Bob was amazed that he was finding that he actually did want more of Lisa's shit. He was surrendering. The entire experience was becoming almost religious. With that, Mistress Lisa shit into her slave's mouth for the next 20 minutes until bob had consumed it all. "Well slave, you have done well for a beginner. I declare you my personal toilet. Congratulations. You have reached a high point in your life. I will now empty my bladder on your face and into your mouth. Drink up slave!" Mistress Lisa filled her slave's mouth with her piss, sometimes pissing onto his face and into his eyes. "Thank you Mistress Lisa, thank you. I surrender to you completely. I want only servitude to you. I am inferior to you. You are my Goddess. I will pray to you each day, obey you completely." Bob stated. "well, slave, you are coming along nicely. Perhaps I will take your offer of permanent slavery seriously. You give it some thought. If you want to be my slave forever, you will have to qualify. You will turn over all your worldly goods to me. You will sever all outside ties. There will be no going back. You will be brutally tortured and submitted to full-time toilet service for as long as you live. Do you understand?" "Yes, oh yes my Goddess. I will submit to you competely. I want only to serve and please you. I will accept this offer, and do as you command. I will live and die for you." Bob said. "Yes you will slave, oh yes you will.