Slave Reviews 1


Lisa is reliable and runs a very respectable operation single handedly. She is absolutely beautiful, and looks better than her pictures. I can tell that she is actually a kind, caring person, but also enjoys exploring her sadistic side as well. She is the type of person who puts you at ease enough to fully explore your submissive, kinky side.

I drove to her location and called her from the corner as she instructed. She guided me in from her cell phone right into her driveway, which she left open just for me. I exited the car and was ather front door. When I saw her I was blown away by her beauty, and her amazing body. She had on a clear plastic/red trim dress that laced up in back chinese style. Seeing her up close was amazing. I am surprised she isn't a model, except that she isn't very tall. She has big boobs but they are perky. Anyways, she led me to the back room where I admitted to her that I hadn't seen a Domme in some time and was really nervous. I told her I wanted some strap-on play, and light spanking and verbal humiliation. We got started by her giving me a little massage to loosen me up. She made me suck her strap-on and teased me until I was rock hard. Just looking at her face is such a turn on. She gradually got more dominant and started telling me what a sissy I was and so on. By this time she had me so turned on I was literally moaning and begging her to fuck me with the strap-on. She obliged, and I released one of the biggest loads ever. I just laid there afterwards, totally spent. We never even got to the spanking part because I got so turned on from the other stuff. I will definitely go back.

Prostate Massage/ StrapOn

I called, made an appt with an hour notice which was fine with her because she was available. I have seen Lisa before so I knew I wouldn't be disappointed. If you have never seen her before, you are in for a treat. Her pics, even though they look good, do not do this woman justice. She is very beautiful, and looked good as ever when she met me at the door.

She wore a short leather black skirt and a sexy top which accentuated her breasts with the cleavage hanging out. I felt an overwhelming need to kiss her feet in the presence of her beauty. She is a freak of nature in that she has it all. Her face is absolutely stunning, with perfect caramel colored skin. Her body is petite, and toned, but she has a great ass and really big boobs that are natural, but still perky. This is very rare. Anyways, the session was a prostate massage with some teasing and denial. She got me relaxed with a real good massage. (She is a certified CMT)Then she started teasing me by rubbing my balls and cock lightly, then she turned her attention to my ass, which she probed with her little finger. She worked up to her other fingers, then 2 at a time. The rest of the session was dildoes and strap-on training, which resulted in the usual reaction from me, a huge orgasm which sprayed over my head while she invaded my ass with her dildo with one hand and rubbed my cock with the other. Afterwards I took a shower and went home from the gym or so the cover story is for my wife.

Bondage/Forced Strap On

I made an appointment for a bondage session with some strap-on action. I had just watched one of her videos and saw that she had some new equipment. She picked up right away and she is one of the few girls out there who are more georgeous in person than her photos. When I arrived at her house I parked right out front and entered. She was wearing a tight red nurses uniform and she was as beautiful as ever.

Lisa took my hand and led me to the back room where we chatted a bit and I told her what I wanted to try. I wanted to be raped and forced to take a big strap-on. Lisa performed perfectly. She is a dominant, confident woman, but not bossy, which is nice. Lisa tied me onto her strap-on bench which left my ass exposed. She used a wide assortment of strap-ons to stretch me out before inserting a vibrating, inflatable butt plug up there. that, combined with her whipping me really put me in sub space. She expertly slipped a finger in there and before I knew it I was cumming explosively. This happened about 30 minutes into it and I had paid for 60 minutes. A lot of girls would rush you out after that, but not Lisa. She gave me an expert massage afterwards and chatted with me. She is a great person, a great dominatrix, and an expert dominatrix. I will definitely go back.

Toe Sucking Crybaby

I am very impressed with Lisa. We corresponded through email first where I told her my likes and dislikes. I am into corporal punishment, nipple torture, foot worship, and strap-on play. Even though she has a rep for being sadistic I found the opposite to be true. She was nice, friendly, and worked with me on my schedule. I think she has very few limits as far as extreme fetishes are concerned so she is one of the few dommes who can really deliver what she promises, so she has a rep as being this super domme. She is customer service oriented as I see it, because she delivers your fantasy, whatever it might be, light or heavy. She was fascinating to talk to on the phone but i didn't want to waste her time so I set the appointment. When I got to her place I was glad to see the set up. It is a house in a residential area next to some businesses and a main street. Parking was easy. I parked right in front of the house. When I actually saw her I was amazed at how pretty she was. I have one thing to say, her pictures, though nice, don't do her justice. Her body is amazing. She is petite, but big breasted with perfect butt and a tiny waist. Her body is a genetic marvel. She almost looks like one of those girls in comic books where they have perfect full boobs, and round butts with impossibly small waist, but she is flesh and blood. The word georgeous doesn't do her justice. She let me in and seemed genuinely happy to see me. She gave me a hug, met my eyes and just made me feel so comfortable. She was not in a rush at all, and escorted me to the back where the fun began.

I explained more of my fantasies and wanted to get right into it. I stripped and She attached some nipple clamps on me. I had the overpowering urge to worship her feet, which I did. I massaged her feet and she teased me by pulling on my nipple clamps, which were really hurting by now. I knew this was going to be a great session from the start because even though my nipples hurt I found myself wanting to have more pain as it seemed to make her happy and excited. I begged to suck her toes but she told me i had to give her something first. She said she wanted my pain, so she pulled on the clamps hard, and slapped my face with the other hand while she stared in my eyes. It is hard to describe how erotic this was, but I wanted to suffer for her. She was almost like a vampire, but instead of drinking blood she was drinking in my pain. She told me it would make her happy if I cried real tears. I love humiliation and she instinctively knew this so when she told me to open my mouth I obeyed without question. She informed me that she was going to spit in my mouth to reaffirm our relationship, me as her submissive, inferior slave. She spit in my mouth and on my face several times, smiling and verbally humiliating me. Her face is so beautiful, with red, shiny lips so close to me it was wondrously erotic for me. The combination of the spitting, face slapping, nipple pulling and verbal humiliation was too much and I cried for her. She told me that this made her very happy and she allowed my to kiss her feet and suck on her toes. She had me lie on my back and started fucking my face with first the heel of her stiletto, then shoving her toes into my mouth. She pinched my nostrils as she did this which started to suffocate me. I was in heaven and have never experienced a session like this in my life. My dick was literally throbbing as if I was on the verge of cumming and I wasn't even touching myself. I begged to touch myself and she said no. She then put one foot on my face and the other on my cock. She rubbed my cock with her foot and I shot my load immediately. This was 30 minutes into the session. We cleaned up the mess and her attitude changed from stern dominatrix to helpful, charming friend. She's a smart girl and really understands that most guys, (like me) that are into this stuff don't feel like being bossed around after ejaculation. It's a fantasy and after the fantasy it is time to turn the switch from domme to normal girl. What she did next really impressed me and earned my respect. She told me that I had paid for 60 minutes and still had 30 minutes coming to me. Imagine that! A girl in this industry that has integrity and treats her clients fair! The way I figured it If she does such a good job that I blow my load early then that's all I expected. I told her that was a nice gesture but I'm not aroused anymore since I shot my load. She said that she would give me a massage then and we could chat or I could relax. I wasn't expected to get aroused. She rubbed my feet, legs and arms and she continued to impress me with her skill as a masseuse. She informed me that she was a certified massage therapist as well, and it helps a lot with her business. Within 15 minutes much to my surprise I found myself getting aroused again. I could've easily cummed again, which is rare for me to be able to do that twice in an hour. Instead, I used the time to get a very good massage from a girl who is as beautiful as she is charming. The conversation was great, the fetish fantasy was once in a lifetime, and and the massage was very skilled. For me it was more like a therapy session in that when I left I felt really, really great. This is a well rounded, quality girl.