Pimped Out SissySlave

Most Cruel and Sadistic Mistress Lisa, i am not worthy of even the smallest effort on Your part.

Therefore, my grovelling request is to suffer brutally at the hands of a brutal Black Master while You simply watch with amusement and enjoyment.

Most Flawless Mistress Lisa, i plead with You to have Him torture me with no provision for a "safe word."

In fact, i plead with You to have Him cause me the most extraordinary pain and agony until i beg Him to take my anal virginity.

That will be my excruciating dilemma: submit to the sexual dominance of a Superior Male or continue to suffer hours of the most savagely unbearable tortures imaginable.

Being tortured by You would be pure pleasure. But being tortured, stomped, and degraded by a muscular, dominant Black Man while You watch, taunt, and laugh would be truly humiliating.

If You grant this most awestruck plea to suffer for Your pleasure and amusement, i hope You will do with me and to me whatever You wish, without regard to my pathetic cries for mercy.

i sincerely beg You to have the Master do things to me that i genuinely do not want done, to render me helpless, and to torture me beyond my limits without mercy.

i beg You to have Him truly emasculate me. He could easily overpower me and put me in tightly stretched spread eagle bondage or suspension bondage so that i am genuinely helpless and vulnerable.

Then He could torture my sissy nipples and my laughable excuse for a needle-like wimp penis & testicles until i scream for mercy.

And when i scream for mercy and say that I've changed my mind about this scenario, i beg You to laugh at me, force a dildo gag into my mouth, and tell the Master to hurt me even more severely. i yearn for that moment when i truly want my ordeal to stop, but You cruelly tell me that i have no say in what is done to me and that this is no longer a fantasy... It is real torture and many painful things will be done to me totally against my will.

i sincerely want the Master to torture me with lit cigars. Not merely jabbing them into my flesh, but slowly dragging the lit end up and down my pansy wimp penis and tracing my sissy nipples until i cry in agony.

Please, Supreme Mistress Lisa, laugh wickedly as the Master ties me spread eagle face down to a torture table and whips me beyond the point that even the most extreme masochist would enjoy.

He could then stretch me from the ceiling by my wrists and bullwhip me until i am hysterical with pain. Just the thought of a Superior Male bullwhipping me with all of His power and no mercy sends waves of helplessness through my slave wimp body.

Then, even if i somehow endure these agonies without begging the Master to use me for His sadistic sexual pleasure, You have a most wicked surprise for me.

At Your direction, the Master sodomizes me with an inhumanly long and thick dildo lubricated with burning Preparation H. When i open my mouth to scream in pain, the Master strides around and urinates in my mouth while the two of You laugh cruelly.

Then, as You ridicule me and tell me how this is merely the first step of my transformation into Your faggot whore slave, the Master unties me, picks me up as if i were nothing (which i am to You), and secures me in a sling.

He proceeds to administer the most brutal fisting imaginable. By the end, i am beyond broken.

But You are not done with me. You force me to help You and the Master get dressed and ready for a posh night out on the town. i must subserviently bathe and dress both of You in a manner most humiliating to me. But i am too broken to resist.

Then You force me to wear a tiny pair of very faggoty satin short shorts, a t shirt that says "sissy slave," and a dog collar with leash. The Master cuffs my wrists behind my back for good measure.

In a limousine that You have forced me to hire, You proceed to take me against my will to a popular nightclub where i will be very humiliated to be seen this way by Women and Real Men not "in the scene."

That is the most exciting humiliation: to be degraded in front of "non-scene" Women and Men in this manner.

Of course, i must pay for everything You wish.

i am compelled to lick the Master's boots in public. You both pour drinks on me and ridicule me.

Finally, when You are done with me, You and the Master take me to a dangerous and deserted area of downtown. The Master roughly strips me, then ties or handcuffs me to a lightpost or something in such a way that leaves me totally vulnerable to assault from anyone who passes by.

He brutally stomps and punches me, sneering that, when He is done with me, i will be totally defenseless against any and all thugs or homeless men who want to use me as their whore that night.

But, just when i am most distressed by the thought of being gang raped, You, Most Sadistic Mistress Lisa, do something far more cruel. You get a jar of honey that You've kept concealed in the limousine and pour it all over me.

The next thing i hear is Your laughter as squealing rats and swarming cockroaches attack my helplessly restrained body. (Rats are the things that terrify me most, Mistress Lisa, and i do so much want You to genuinely scare me.)

Coldly, You inform me that You and the Master will abandon me there unless i agree to become a sissy faggot whore with Master as my Pimp.

And Master says that the first thing He will do as my Pimp is knock all of my teeth out so that i can suck cock without annoying the clients by touching their Superior Pricks with my wimp teeth, then He will take me to a known gang hangout where i will be gang-banged by a real gang.

At that instant, i feel truly helpless.

Thank You, Most Exalted Mistress Lisa, for entertaining this plea to serve You.

Please beckon me to suffer for You, then make me regret that i ever submitted this plea as You break me physically and psychologically.

submissively Yours,
slave sissy